Can we use your music in our projects?

Yes, you can use our music in any of your projects!

Do we have to pay to use your music?

If your project is non-commercial, you don’t need to pay for our music.  If your project is commercial, you must buy a license to use our music legally.

Can I use your music on my YouTube channel without purchasing a license?

Yes, you can use our music without buying a license, but the video cannot be monetized in that case.

What type of license does your music have?

Royalti Free Music.

What is royalty free music?

Music purchased from the VTakinovMusic production music library is royalty free. This means that after paying a one-time fee, you can use the music you’ve purchased as many times as you wish (unlimited needledrops) for as long as you like in accordance with the terms stated in the license agreement. You never have to pay us any additional license fees based on usage.
Please note that our licenses do not include public performance rights. If you are unsure whether your project falls under the scope of public performance, please contact your local Performance Rights Organization (PRO).

How am I allowed to use the music I license from VTakinovMusic.com?

We offer 2 simple music license options:

Standard License

The Standard License covers many popular types of use, such as internet videos, corporate videos, and all non-commercially distributed projects, including up to 1,000 units of a project intended to generate revenue to you. This license can be used for an unlimited number of projects, worldwide in perpetuity. The Standard License is also included when you purchase a Full License.

Extended License

The Extended License covers advertising use in a single territory on TV, on the radio, in theaters, out of home, and at points of sale and industrial events. It also includes unlimited distribution worldwide of projects intended to generate revenue to you.
This license can be used for a single project in perpetuity.

I want to buy a music license. How should I do it?

There is a Buy license button next to each composition.  Click it, then select the desired license type.
In the window that opens, you must fill in all the necessary details, then pay for the purchase.  After payment, you will receive a link to the archive with music, as well as a license in PDF format with the signature of the author.  Be sure to check your spam folder!

I bought a license, but my channel received a claim. What should I do?

Don’t worry, this is a common situation for Royalti Free Music.  You need to appeal the claim and attach your license in PDF format to your letter to YouTube support (in YouTube Studio).  The claim will be removed and you will be able to monetize your video.

I bought a full license, which implies a possible adaptation of the music for my project. Who can I contact to discuss edits?

Email me vladimirtakinov@gmail.com and indicate the date of purchase, and the name of the song in the letter title.  The composer will contact you asap to discuss the details.