Santa’s retreat

by Vladimir Takinov

A jolly, merry, cheerful and celebratory Happy New Year piece that will remind you of classic holiday recordings, the magic and innocence of Christmas’s past, and the joy of childhood holiday memories. This music Perfect for images of busy holiday shoppers, snowy and bustling city street corners, toy stores, candy shops, Christmas parties, and celebrations of the season. Included Instruments: bells, strings, xylophone, harp, bar chimes.

You will need a license to use the music legally. After you purchase the license, you will get it in a form of PDF file along with a number of high quality versions of the original composition:

Santa’s retreat – Main (1:44);
Santa’s retreat – Version A (1:16);
Santa’s retreat – Version B (0:49);
Santa’s retreat – Version C (0:32);
Santa’s retreat – Version D (0:17).

Standard license
$ 10
Extended license
$ 40